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Re: [RFC] Canonical Standards Names

On Thu, 22 Jun 2017, Rical Jasan wrote:

> AIUI, @standards is meant to imply correlation with feature test macros
> as a service to programmers (as opposed to serving the interests of
> historians), so DEFAULT is my preferred choice, since __USE_MISC =
> _DEFAULT_SOURCE (= _(BSD|SVID)_SOURCE), and it's most to the point.

Note that in the case of interfaces in headers not defined in any 
standard, it may not always be obvious whether they should be described as 
DEFAULT or GNU, as headers don't have any __USE_* conditionals for 
interfaces in whatever standard first defined the header.  (It's not 
actually clear whether this is a meaningful question.  The DEFAULT 
interfaces should be linknamespace-clean like those from formal standards, 
i.e. not bring in link-time references to functions not in DEFAULT, but 
how this applies to interfaces in headers considered to be GNU-only is 
less clear.  Likewise, if a header is XSI POSIX, does it count as being 
DEFAULT as well or not?  XSI POSIX interfaces in headers with both XSI and 
non-XSI interfaces *aren't* generally DEFAULT, though many may in fact be 
enabled for __USE_MISC.)

Joseph S. Myers

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