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[RFC] Canonical Standards Names

I would like to pick back up the discussion on choosing which standard
names should be used in @standards in the manual, and be documented and
referred to (e.g., in creature.texi).

First, a recap on the discussion so far.

Early on in [1], Michael Kerrisk expressed a desire to use consistent
names between glibc and the man-pages (there is a standards(7) page).
In [2], Joseph Myers proposed an initial list, with some rationale and
correlation to feature test macros.  I expanded on Joseph's list in [3],
and Zack Weinberg followed up on that with further suggestions and
rationale in [4].

The specific topic of which forms to use largely stopped there; I
apologize if I overlooked anybody else.  Since then, consensus on the
use of a new custom macro, @standards, was pursued, and with that now in
place, the next step is to begin adding missing header and standard

So, how would you like to see standards documented in the manual?

Thank you,


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