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Re: RFC: libc-testresults mailing list

On 11/02/2016 09:05 AM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> Andrew Pinski asked in 
> <> about a 
> mailing list for sending test results to.
> I propose that we create a libc-testresults mailing list for test results 
> to be sent to by any kind of automation (not for discussions, if people 
> wish to discuss things about the results they should take replies to 
> libc-alpha with a meaningful Subject line rather than the subject line of 
> the results posting).
> This would explicitly include results reporting on e.g. whether glibc 
> builds in various configurations, not just results of the glibc testsuite 
> itself.  It would also include any systems automatically detecting 
> regressions and reporting on those regressions.  It might be useful to 
> have something like GCC's contrib/test_summary to collect results and 
> information about the configuration and versions of various components 
> (and indeed for test runs to automatically record some information such as 
> the kernel version on the system, possibly remote, that test programs are 
> run on), but this is not required for such a list to be useful.
> Comments?

In general this seems like a good idea.

We could then link from the per-release wiki page to a mailing list URL
to show full test result details as we approach the final release.

Do we expect that libc-testresults is a superset of those builds we have
connected to our buildbot CI infrastructure?

Do we expect buildbot test results to go to libc-testresults for archiving?


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