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Re: Fwd: glibc and unexec

"Emacs by itself should not inhibit glibc from
making significant malloc performance improvements that would benefit a
large set of programs".  See

Yes, I still think that's the bottom line here. Florian's more-recent messages suggest that the "removal of unexec support" thread is to some extent a false alarm, in that current Emacs executables will still run with new glibc, and current Emacs sources will still configure and run with new glibc. It's true that there will be a performance hit in the latter case, but 15% CPU performance hits (on specially-constructed benchmarks designed to measure the problem) are acceptable while we work on a better solution in Emacs.

We need to confirm this. But even if it's not confirmed and Emacs's own malloc implementation does not work with new glibc, we should be able to fix things on the Emacs side; perhaps not in the next release (Emacs 25), but soon enough.

This is just my opinion, and John Wiegley (the current Emacs maintainer) would need to agree. But it appears that he would like to head in this direction too; see:

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