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Re: Tunables for 2.23?

On 01/05/2016 03:43 PM, Paul E. Murphy wrote:
> Siddhesh has been working on Tunables on his siddhesh/tunables branch. I'd done
> some extra work to extend it to support dynamic TLE [1]. This is needed to get
> good TLE performance from power8 hardware.
> I'd like to see this cleaned up and included in the next release. Is this still
> practical?
> Are there still others outside of ppc who would like to see this feature
> get in for this release?

I think we are simply too close to 2.23 being cut, and the release freeze is
in slush mode.

I would like to see this go into 2.24, the next release, and I propose the
following plan:

(1) Review and potentially commit patch #1 to 2.23, which adds underlying

(2) Add patch #2, which adds GLIBC_TUNABLES env var to Fedora Rawhide after
    January 16th, to get broader Fedora testing. Advertise on Fedora Devel.
    Requires more extensive manual update, or wiki page, or documentation
    to show average users how to tune things.

(3) Repost patch #2 for 2.24 with enhanced documentation and commit for 2.24.

There are quite a number of us that think that tunables are really needed,
and while I'm in that camp, this push is too late on the heels of 2.23, but
let us commit to 2.24 as the line in the sand.


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