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Re: RFC Patch finalize binding of symbols when auditing is no longer required

On 08 Jul 2015 09:59, Ben Woodard wrote:
> +      memset(&reloc_result_value, '\0', sizeof(reloc_result_value));

needs spaces before the (

> +  /* If we have auditing libraries and PLT auditing for this symbol has
> +     been disabled for all libraries, then go ahead and finalize binding
> +     the symbol rather than forcing each call to go through the PLT. */

two spaces after the .

> +  if ( (reloc_result->enterexit & LA_SYMB_NOPLTENTER) &&
> +       (reloc_result->enterexit & LA_SYMB_NOPLTEXIT) )

no spaces after the first (, the && should be on the 2nd line, and no 
space before the ).

>  enum
>    {
> +    LA_FLG_NOBIND = 0x00,       /* Don't audit symbols from this object */
>      LA_FLG_BINDTO = 0x01,	/* Audit symbols bound to this object.  */
>      LA_FLG_BINDFROM = 0x02	/* Audit symbols bound from this object.  */
>    };

should indent the comment with tabs and have trailing period (and two spaces)

code wise seems reasonable, but i'm not that familiar with the audit interfaces

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