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RE: [PATCHv4, MIPS] Add support for O32 FPXX and program header based ABI information

On Wed, 31 Dec 2014, Matthew Fortune wrote:

> FAIL: conform/ISO/math.h/linknamespace

I'd expect math.h linknamespace failures only for soft-float (and mips1 
builds, because those use the dbl-64 sqrt implementation which uses 

> FAIL: conform/POSIX/fcntl.h/conform

What are the conform/ failures?  I've never run the conform/ tests for 
MIPS as they're still native-only, but they probably indicate issues in 
MIPS-specific headers (which may or may not be straightforward to fix - 
depends on whether e.g. using POSIX-conforming types for something would 
affect the ABI).

> FAIL: elf/check-abi-libc

You should not be seeing this (at least, if you configured --prefix=/usr) 
- what is the failure?

> FAIL: elf/check-execstack
> FAIL: elf/check-localplt
> FAIL: elf/tst-audit1
> FAIL: elf/tst-audit2
> FAIL: elf/tst-audit8
> FAIL: elf/tst-audit9


> FAIL: inet/test-ifaddrs
> FAIL: inet/test_ifindex

What are the failures here?  It's odd for these to be 

> FAIL: math/atest-exp2
> FAIL: math/atest-sincos

Assuming you have a sufficient TIMEOUTFACTOR you shouldn't see these 

> FAIL: rt/tst-cputimer1

Known intermittent failure (maybe a kernel issue?).

Joseph S. Myers

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