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[PING^2] [PATCH v3] [BZ #14161] Fix strptime %z calculation, extend ranges


The v3 version of my patches I posted Dec 03 have addressed all
concerns raised. As I am not a committer, a primary maintainer
will need to merge them for release. Changes include:

1) Add test cases to verify proper conversion of minutes, showing
   failure of existing code.
2) Fix strptime %z minutes calculation, causing tests to pass.
3) Add test cases to verify that existing timezone offsets (-1200
   through +1400), historical offsets, POSIX ranges (-2359 to
   -2359), and largest possible offset (-9959 to +9959) are
   correctly converted; all except -1200 fail in existing code.
4) Fix strptime %z range limits by extending to -9959 to +9959,
   causing tests to pass.

For reference, the patches are in the mailing list archive at
the URLs listed below:

[PATCH v3 1/4] [BZ #14161] tst-strptime2.c: add %z minute and range limit tests

[PATCH v3 2/4] [BZ #16141] strptime: fix %z minutes calculation

[PATCH v3 3/4] [BZ #14161] tst-strptime2.c: test %z range to +/-9959

[PATCH v3 4/4] [BZ #16141] strptime: extend %z range to +/-9959

James Perkins <>

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