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Re: Misaligned stack on 32-bit s390?

On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 04:41:58PM +0100, Stefan Liebler wrote:
> Hi,
> i have built glibc from scratch with the patch and get the following error
> while compiling rtld.c:
> /tmp/cc3Ata9V.s: Assembler messages:
> /tmp/cc3Ata9V.s:111: Error: symbol `.L3' is already defined
> /tmp/cc3Ata9V.s:124: Error: symbol `.L4' is already defined
> The compiler generated these labels in function _dl_initial_error_catch_tsd
> in order to get the address of the variable data via literal pool and got. A
> compiler with --with-arch=z9-109 uses larl-instruction to get the address
> and does not generate these labels.
> Using numbered labels in the inline-assembly in macro RTLD_START (see patch)
> avoids the label collision and the glibc build succeeds
> There is no test-suite regression and the stack is adjusted.
> The inline-assembly in s390-64/dl-machine.h does not use any label,
> thus there we need no change.
> Thanks.
> Stefan
> ---
> 2014-11-12  Stefan Liebler  <>
> 	* sysdeps/s390/s390-32/dl-machine.h (RTLD_START):
> 	Use numbered labels in inline assembly.

Thanks, this looks good to me.  Technically this should wait for
machine maintainer approval, but IMO it would result in identical code
and if you can somehow prove that, you'd be good to go.


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