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Re: Manual varies by machine.

On Sun, 14 Sep 2014, Carlos O'Donell wrote:

> Joseph,
> The present glibc manual varies by machine. Would it be
> acceptable to make it a general principle that the manual
> should *not* vary by machine and that it should always be
> consistent for any build?

It should not vary by machine.  (Of course it may vary depending on 
Texinfo version.  If there is nondeterminism in makeinfo output, that 
should be fixed there in line with general principles of reproducible 

> The most glaring variations are because of
> being generated per machine. I'd hope we could check something should not cause the manual to vary by machine, because it 
should always generate output tables that cover all machines.

> in for the manual there. Not to mention I worry about the
> license of the resulting output of that file.

I don't think that's a meaningful question; I doubt these factual tables 
of errors in libm functions have sufficient expressive content to be 
eligible for copyright.

Joseph S. Myers

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