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Re: [PATCH roland/nptl-sparc] Move remaining SPARC code out of nptl/.

> There appears to be a problem with putting this stuff under
> sysdeps/sparc/nptl, in that header files under
> nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/ will be choosen first.
> As a result, sysdeps/sparc/nptl/internaltypes.h won't be used, instead we
> end up using nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/internaltypes.h.

OK, I have three answers:

1. The quickest fix is just to move it back to sysdeps/.../linux/sparc/.

2. The sparc internaltypes.h doesn't actually define anything differently
   from the common one.  It just adds extra types that are used only by a
   few sparc implementation .c files.  So it could just be a separate
   sparc-specific header by a different name.  This might be what's really
   the best idea, on the general principle that if you can do your
   machine-specific work just as cleanly with new machine-specific files
   that do not interact with shared sysdeps files, then that choice
   simplifies things by reducing such interactions that you or other
   maintainers have to worry about in the future.

3. The "linux" internaltypes.h in fact does not contain any deep Linuxisms.
   So as part of my ongoing cleanup I was about to move this to someplace
   else more common, such as nptl/ or sysdeps/nptl/.  That will fix your
   problem for you incidentally, and I was probably going to do that today


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