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Re: resolv.conf format for DNSSEC [was: DNSSEC support in stub-resolver]

On Fri, 2014-06-20 at 09:45 -0400, Rich Felker wrote:

> > Is it a good enough reason to create new file, let's say
> > /etc/resolv-sec.conf for the purpose of declaring name servers as
> > trusted?
> I don't think so. Rather this issue would be a good impetus for
> getting such broken DHCP clients fixed. If the user wants resolv.conf
> updated for the DHCP-provided nameservers, this should be done via a
> callback script that can merge in other static settings, not direct
> overwriting. 
> Note that there are already other options that suffer
> from this overwriting issue (e.g. domain/search, options, etc.) so
> making a new config file just for the DNSSEC options is a band-aid not
> a proper fix.

Yes, but these options if overwritten do not cause resolving to fail. If
the DNSSEC settings are lost it means that every application that
depends on that will fail. That's a significant difference. It may have
been that resolv.conf's semantics are known to too many people to change

Nevertheless, if glibc adopts a different format than the one that is
currently implemented for c-ares, we'd certainly consider it, but as it
is now, there isn't any (counter)proposal.


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