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Re: [PATCH 1/3] unify xmalloc prototypes & friends

On Wednesday 23 January 2013 18:53:41 Roland McGrath wrote:
> This is pretty well independent from the other two patches and if I were
> you I would have just posted it separately.  If it's part of the same
> series I would have made it the last patch in the series.

this is necessary to come first because __attribute_alloc_size was renamed.  i 
could have made patch 2/3 much larger by changing all call sites, but i 
thought it cleaner to do the unification first so that i only had to rename one 

> I agree with the sentiments expressed and I think this is a good start.
> But locale/programs/ is indeed wrong.  Even if this is all you are doing
> now, you can create include/programs/ and put a file in there.  Since this
> header just declares the x* memory functions, I'd prefer it have a less
> generic name reflecting what's actually in it.  (And if there are other
> different declarations to put in a common header in the future, there's
> no particular reason those ought to go in the same one rather than in a
> different topical header in include/programs/.)

ok, i'll name it include/programs/xmalloc.h as that tends to the canonical 
entry point people are familiar with.

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