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Re: [PATCH] Add ARM relocation constants to elf/elf.h

"Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:

> On Wed, 23 Jan 2013, Petr Machata wrote:
>> Roland McGrath <> writes:
>> > We strongly prefer to have a short comment on every reloc type #define.
>> I don't think I have enough expertise to concisely explain what every
>> relocation does.  I can at least put in e.g. what instructions each
>> static relocation applies to, and add snippets from the standard where
>> available.  Joseph, what is your preference?  FWIW, few relocation
>> values in ARM block have any comments at all.
> I'm not clear there is a great deal of use in having all these relocations 
> (that are irrelevant to in elf.h; what are the expected users, 
> given that binutils has its own relocation definitions?  (Cf. how AArch64 
> only lists a limited subset of relocations in elf.h, not all the static 
> relocations that doesn't use.)

My impression always was that elf.h is essentially a C language
rendition of various Elf standards (sans algorithms).

What prompted me to post this patch in particular was that GCL folks
seem to be in a need of those defines [1].  I'm not in contact with them
personally, this issue was brought to my attention via Fedora ARM list.
I offered composing a patch as it seemed an obvious omission.

> But if they are added, I think including comments is appropriate.

OK, I'll prepare a patch with comments.



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