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Re: v2: The GNU C Library 2.16 release plan

On 05/10/2012 11:47 PM, Allan McRae wrote:

Is there a bug report open for that issue?  I found various distribution
ones, but non in the glibc tracker.
I don't think so. I think Red Hat's 552960 has the most amount of relevant information, including instructions to hang a system that is using the pthread_cond_* bits currently on the trunk.

Apart from that issue, the only patch in the Arch Linux package that is not flagged for glibc-2.16 is for the assertion error in res_query.c [1]. This has been around since glibc-2.14 and from memory the patch in that report is widely used.

Yup. Well known problem. Unfortunately triggering the problem requires access to poorly acting DNS servers, which is why Uli was never able to trigger the problem. Fedora is currently using Aurelien's patch.

We've got a mess of locale fixes and a few other randoms in Fedora that need to be submitted or resolved upstream. I'm hoping to get that process rolling soon. Nothing I'd consider terribly critical for 2.16.


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