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v2: The GNU C Library 2.16 release plan


I would like to freeze trunk for a 2.16 release starting June 4th.

There are 3 more weeks of active development left.

The freeze has been pushed back 3 weeks:
* We want to allow for x32 to be included in the release. Please help review x32 patches!

* Andreas Jaegar has a suggested these bugs:


  Needs review:

  Please help!

* Joseph Myers would like to see Paul Eggert's approved patches checked in.

* Ryan Arnold has outstanding PowerPC math library fixes to verify and checkin.

The timeline looks like this:

* Development freeze of trunk on Monday June 4th.

  * Last day of active development is Sunday June 3rd.

* [3 weeks] Ask all machine maintainers to test and report back the status of their machines.

  * Updating ABI files so ABI check passes.

  * Updating ULPs for the release.

  * Regenerating any machine files that are out of date.

  If I hear back from the machine maintainers quickly then this might be as short as 1-2 days and we release early.

* [1 week] Between June 25th-29th I will branch master to the 2.16 branch and, after any last minute tweaks, tag it for a final release.

* The release will be made on the first week of July.


Carlos O'Donell
Mentor Graphics / CodeSourcery
+1 (613) 963 1026

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