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Re: Do not report build errors in bugzilla

Ulrich Drepper <> wrote:
> if there would be a compile problem in a correct environment it
> would be noticed by those compiling the code every day.

Is there a specification available for what constitutes a correct

For example, my /bin/sh is pdksh, and this makes the build fail.  I
have a patch to make the build work with both bash and pdksh (use
"echo -E" instead of plain "echo" in csu/Makefile); this would make
the build process more portable, expanding the definition of a corrent
environment.  -E isn't recognized by some shells' echo commands, but
the build already fails with many of those other shells anyway, so I
don't know whether to try to accommodate them.  Do I report this sort
of thing in Bugzilla?

There's also the __i686 macro defined by gcc - I've seen it reported
multiple times in the archives, sometimes with patches, but none of
those patches seem to have been applied.  I'm sure there's some
"offical" solution, and I'd like to use it myself, but I haven't seen
any sign of it.  What's the proper way to find out about such things?


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