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Do not report build errors in bugzilla

It has been often said, we do not provide support for Joe Sixpack to
build glibc.  I get tons of these "compiling or testing  fails for me"
bugs in bugzilla.  I'm closing them right away since if there would be a
compile problem in a correct environment it would be noticed by those
compiling the code every day.  So, either the bug is fixed right away
(check the mailing list archives) or, and this is the most likely case,
something is wrong in the environment the would-be reporter uses.  We
are not helping to chase down these kind of bugs.  If you insist on
compiling glibc yourself, use up your own time, not ours.  There is
always the very much preferred method of using a distribution's glibc
binaries.  If this is not an option for somebody for whatever reason you
and only you have to debug the problem on your machine.  If it actually
turns out to be a real bug, report the *real* problem in bugzilla.
Reporting "test xyz failed" is worthless.  So, don't waste your time and
ours with this.

â Ulrich Drepper â Red Hat, Inc. â 444 Castro St â Mountain View, CA â

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