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Re: MI & pretty-printing

>>>>> "Volodya" == Vladimir Prus <> writes:

Tom> I hesitate to change this because it isn't clear to me that "{...}"
Tom> is a universally good choice for all GUIs and all printers.

I'm reconsidering this.  When would the immediate value of a varobj with
children be of interest?  It certainly doesn't seem to be for
non-pretty-printed varobjs.

Volodya> Do we have a mechanism how pretty-printer can use different
Volodya> string rendering for MI and CLI?

Not at present.  We could add one, of course, but I have been trying to
push the current simple design as far as it would go.  Partly this is
just stubbornness but also I do think that simplicity has some intrinsic
virtue, at least when you can get away with it.

Volodya> And {...}  seems like the most conservative thing
Volodya> possible. Then, if we run into type that both have children and
Volodya> have string rendering that makes sense in MI, we can introduce
Volodya> some solution?

Yeah.  I'll do this.

Volodya> Well, I guess for consistency, it's best to either drop numchild from
Volodya> incremental -var-list-children response, or make it report the number
Volodya> of children that is actually contained in the 'children' field.

Ok, will do.


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