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Re: MI & pretty-printing

On Monday 17 August 2009 Tom Tromey wrote:

> >>>>> "Volodya" == Vladimir Prus <> writes:
> Volodya> Note that at this point, displayed value of the vector switches
> Volodya> to "std::vector of length 2...".  I think we discussed that
> Volodya> such value should not be used inside MI.
> We discussed it but, IIRC, did not come to any agreement about it.

Hmm, I though we decided that some hint to pretty-printers is desirable.
Anyway, let me repeat my point -- the descriptive string is rather long,
so might not fit in variables window. Further, a frontend typically
has some way to display variable type already, so "std::vector" part 
of the string is not helping either. So, I'd much rather have {...} for
all composite types in MI.

> Volodya> Is it expected that if I have varobj with 1 child, then 
> Volodya>    -var-list-children var 10 20
> Volodya> still prints numchild=1 ?
> I don't know.  I suppose we could try to restrict it to children in the
> requested range.

I don't know either. The current behaviour *feels* strange, but then my
WIP patch for kdevelop does not use this field at all, for incremental
fetches. Maybe we can leave it as is, for now.

Any comment on the crash?

- Volodya

> Tom

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