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Re: MI & pretty-printing

>>>>> "Volodya" == Vladimir Prus <> writes:

Tom> We discussed it but, IIRC, did not come to any agreement about it.

Volodya> Hmm, I though we decided that some hint to pretty-printers is
Volodya> desirable.  Anyway, let me repeat my point -- the descriptive
Volodya> string is rather long, so might not fit in variables
Volodya> window. Further, a frontend typically has some way to display
Volodya> variable type already, so "std::vector" part of the string is
Volodya> not helping either. So, I'd much rather have {...} for all
Volodya> composite types in MI.

I suppose we could have dynamic varobjs with children print "{...}" here
always.  Or you could just do whatever you like in your GUI.  I hesitate
to change this because it isn't clear to me that "{...}" is a
universally good choice for all GUIs and all printers.

Volodya> I don't know either. The current behaviour *feels* strange, but then my
Volodya> WIP patch for kdevelop does not use this field at all, for incremental
Volodya> fetches. Maybe we can leave it as is, for now.

Yeah, I'm not sure if you need to watch the length for an increment
-var-list-children.  But, you definitely do for a -var-update.

Volodya> Any comment on the crash?

I fixed it.


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