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Re: [RFC] Improve testsuite for poor expect behavior

> Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 09:36:26 -0400
> From: 'Daniel Jacobowitz' <>
> Cc: 'Joel Brobecker' <>,
> I have not tried this on DJGPP at all.

You cannot try this with DJGPP, because there are no such APIs in
DJGPP (with the exception of `setmode', which does exist).  Also,
there are no pipes in DJGPP.

I cannot judge what would be needed for DJGPP, since Pierre did not
yet explain how does he run DJGPP with the test suite, nor show any
code that achieves that.  All I can say is that DJGPP has the
`setmode' function that can be used to switch a standard handle into
binary mode, and that `isatty' is available to detect whether a handle
is connected to a terminal device.  Note that the DJGPP build of GDB
generally does not always use file I/O functions to write to the
terminal; it uses direct screen I/O for some ops.  Thus, binary mode
file I/O not necessarily will solve the problem that bothers Pierre,
although I do not yet understand fully whether it is relevant to DJGPP
as it is to MinGW.

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