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RE: [RFC] Improve testsuite for poor expect behavior

> -----Message d'origine-----
> De?: [mailto:gdb-patches-
>] De la part de Daniel Jacobowitz
> Envoyé?: Saturday, June 13, 2009 5:05 PM
> À?: Pierre Muller
> Cc?:
> Objet?: Re: [RFC] Improve testsuite for poor expect behavior
> On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 01:00:31AM +0200, Pierre Muller wrote:
> >   For mingw32, the main problem is that
> > there are extra ^M generated in the output.
> Why?  ISTR that this is fixed by setting stdout/stderr to binary mode,
> but I thought a patch was submitted for this ages ago... I know we're
> carrying one in our tree.

  I don't get this:
the patch does not only concern the output from GDB,
but also from debuggee executables.
  Do you mean that we should set stdout/stderr to binary in
all testsuite executables too?
  I am not really sure that running the executables 
directly would still give the correct output in that case.
At least for DJGPP, sending only a newline, will
make that all output will overwrite the same line
of the console... 
  Anyway, my code only applies to targets
explicitly listed.  
> >   There is a second aspect, which is mainly a problem of
> > the cygwin expect: GDB run inside expect does not believe that
> > they are connected to a terminal, which means that queries are
> > answered by their default values.
> >   A large part of the patch below is devoted to adding pattern
> > that recognize correctly the cases where a query is answered
> automatically.
> I do not like either of these changes to the testsuite, because
> they're outright wrong on other platforms.  I'd rather fix them in
> GDB.  They're not limitations of expect, but of the environment in
> which GDB is running.

  Here again, I don't understand your position:
  I only add new patterns corresponding to output from GDB
that only occur if GDB believes that it is not connected to a terminal,
why should it have adverse effects on platforms for which this works?


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