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Re: Cygwin on WXP -- Installs but immediately fails on running ???

On 12/10/14 01:05, John H. Lindsay wrote:
I'm trying to run Cygwin on WXP (I know, but my main OS is OS/2 / eCS 2.2B2,
and I don't need a Windows OS, except to help port some stuff to eCS).
Cygwin 1.7.32-1 apparently installs O.K. on WXP without any complaint from
the installer.  But when I try to run it, it stops immediately, complaining
that it can't find a file  utmp .  I can't find it in the Cygwin
distribution, and google-type searches turn up nothing.  From the sketchy
references that I have been able to find, it could be from Linux or UNIX,
but what is this file ?  Where can I get a copy ?  Is there a bypass to this
error condition ?

/var/run/utmp is a database of logged on users. Create an empty file in /var/run called 'utmp'. If you do this through Windows note that there is no file extension. Then try again. This might get you over the hurdle in question, but I wonder if this is symptomatic of an installation problem. That said, I haven't installed Cygwin on Windows XP for quite a while.



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