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Re: Isuue by using Perl binary mode

Greetings, Kptain!

> I'm facing some issues after modifying files with Perl (5.14.2) in binary
> mode.

> I need to remove "../" from path available in binary files.
> But after executing scripts it seems that file is no more readable by
> application.

od -t x1 -N $(( 16*16 )) -- yourfile

And compare dumps before and after your script execution.
Keep in mind, that, if the application in question is a something completely
unrelated to your scripts, or even Cygwin in general, you're looking at the
possibility of being in need to completely reconstruct the file format before
being able to successfully edit the file.

> Do you have some recommandations to provide me in order to do these
> modifications?

Doubt this is the right mailing list for education in programming languages.
Search the web for <your favorite language> survival guide.
There's tons of it available for Perl, SED, AWK...

Andrey Repin ( 15.04.2014, <03:10>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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