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"Bad Address" response to many net tools after updating cygwin x86_64 1.7.29

"cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" - maybe linker option can help?

"mount -c /" in 64-bit win7 not persisting script hangs + mkdir and other commands uses 50% cpu ettal

1.7.28: Ctrl-C not working reliably

1.7.29-2: Exception from cygwin_gethostname

1.7.29: Incorrect output from the "file" command

64-bit Heimdal/Cygwin, clock, daylight savings conundrum

64-bit vs. 32-bit

Re: make error: *** target pattern contains no `%'. Stop.â


make error: *** target pattern contains no `%'. Stop.‏

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: varnish-3.0.5-1 (32 and 64 bits)

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: tmux-1.9a-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: upx-3.91

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: apache2-2.2.27-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: base-files 4.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: base-files 4.2-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: check-0.9.12-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: curl-7.36.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cvsutils-0.2.6-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Cygwin 1.7.29-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dbus-1.6.18-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dos2unix 6.0.5-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: doxygen-1.8.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: fftw3-3.3.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: findutils-4.5.11-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gawk-4.1.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: glpk-4.54-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gmp-6.0.0a

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: json-c-0.11-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mc-4.8.12-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mercurial 2.9.2-1 -- Python based distributed version control (DVCS)

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-*-binutils- (x86/x86_64)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-*-binutils- (x86/x86_64)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mpclib-1.0.2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openmpi-1.7.5-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: OpenSSH-6.6.1p1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openssl-1.0.1g-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: patchutils-0.3.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: perl-5.18.2-1 (x86) [test] Attn Maintainers with perl reqs

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: perl-Text-CSV_XS-1.06-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: poco-1.4.6p3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: poco-1.4.6p4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: postgresql-9.3.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: sharutils-4.14-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: sqlite3- for Cygwin/Cygwin64

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ssmtp-2.64-7 ("test" on 32 bit!)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: swig-2.0.12-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tar-1.27.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: vim-7.4.264-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: wget-1.15-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xmlto-0.0.26-1

Re: [Fwd: Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: tmux-1.9a-1]

[PATCH] base-files-4.2-1: Change prompt if running with admin rights

ambiguous overload for operator [] on Cygwin_X86-64

attention tar maintainer

Bug at getsockopt when TCP_NODELAY is used as parameter

Cannot confirm my subscribe to cygwin mail list

Car Auto Wrap

Compiling Heimdal

core-dump, cygwin64-only in locate in

could mkgroup be updated to define the group root?

RE: Could not resolve hostname xxx: Bad address

Coverity Scan

Ctrl+c signal on Cygwin

cygcc-1.dll: which package?

cygcheck -p file.exe segmentation fault (x86_64)

Cygwin 1.7.25-1.7.28 - the perl process couldn't wake up after system call

Cygwin Emacs Crashes when tailing logs over ssh in shell

Cygwin kill utility //Was: cgwin_internal(): difference b/w CW_CYGWIN_PID_TO_WINPID and CW_GETPINFO_FULL for taking only dwProcessId ?

Re: Cygwin needs a man-db port

Cygwin won't run web2py but gives no errors iether

Cygwin's writev() non-standard behavior

cygwin-bash compat/regression bug... startup line prob

default shell

Re: dos telnet.exe not showing up with cygwin

dos telnet.exe not showing up with cygwin "ls"

Dup'd sockets lose error information

Electric Toothbrush Heads Replacement


Errors when compiling mintty-1.1.3

RE: exe.stackdump is always empty

Fatal error from Cygwin emacs-w32 every day or so

find_fast_cwd warning persists after uninstalling (Windows 8.1 x64)

fstat st_size on open files on Parallels filesystem is wrong



GIT (was: Coverity Scan)

Gold star? Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: base-files 4.2-1

How LANG environment variable is set?

Isuue by using Perl binary mode

Re: Latest snapshot will become Cygwin 1.7.29

libtool: link: object name conflicts in archive

long_int vs int byte sizes

Re: Maintainer for git?

Mercurial 2.8 or 2.9?

mixed Ada-C program using OpenSSL library hangs on exit with Cygwin but not Cygwin64

Re: Mount / Access is Denied

Re: Newbie Alias and Profile questions

No I/O redirection under GDB

No shortcuts after default install - how to start cygwin?

NOT WORKED AROUND Re: No I/O redirection under GDB

OpenSSH Package Distribution Architecture Mismatch

passwd -R

passwd -R : Storing password failed: Function not implemented

Pine mail reader

Possible bug with chere 1.4 when configuring for fish

Possibly wrong address passed to callq asm instruction within MPIR test binaries

POXIX regexp and i686-pc-mingw32-g++


problem reproducing perl-Error build

Problem running scripts from a share with latest snapshot

Problem with default manifest when application provides its own

Problems with binutils?

Python3 needs to be depended on libuuid-devel

relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol `len'

Re: request - findutils 4.5.12

Re: Request for Junctions be treated consistently

rm -f behavior


Screen crippled by applications using alternative screen

set Cygwin terminal title

setting cygwin terminal (mintty) title from a very remote system

setup.exe version 2.844 (32 bit): "No packages found."

Re: Silently configure sshd fails via system account

ssh: Could not resolve hostname xxx: Bad address

sshd buildup of CLOSE_WAIT leading to unable to function

Still testing needed: New passwd/group AD/SAM integration

Re: subversion silently fails

symlinks to scripts not found in path

TexLive post install script fails

Re: texlive-install: core dumped

Tons of cygserver errors

Trouble with running cygwin dll on Vortex86MX+ CPU

Two problems getting user and group info from /etc/{passwd,group}

Re: Updated: findutils-4.5.11-1 [4.5.12-1, actually]

Was ploticus package removed from Cygwin?

We need steenking patches (Re: Cygwin kill utility...)

Re: wget: needs rebuild for x86

Windows hostname change fails in recent versions of Cygwin (since 1.7.28)

windows7 stuff in w32api

WORKED AROUND Re: No I/O redirection under GDB

Wow, just hit RCS bug

Re: Wow, just hit RCS bug (attn: Dr Volker Zell)

x86_64 Cygwin 1.7.29: possible bug to trace symlink (Win7)

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