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Re: Still testing needed: New passwd/group AD/SAM integration

Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!

> For clarity: There is no "looking for users first at"...  capability at
> all.  The user is searched via the functions LookupAccountSid and
> LookupAccountName and they decide by themselves in what order to look.

Got it.

>> Environment variable to specify/override default domain on the fly.

> You mean, for deciding which domain goes unprepended?  That would be in
> the nsswitch.conf file, but it would be possible to implement that.
> But does it make sense?  Yet another configuration variable?

Look at it from the usability standpoint. The problem is not the separator
character, the problem is the ambiguity of the account names in certain
Yes, one of the solutions is to implement a separator character that doesn't
conflict with current functionality, but satisfy the requirement to be a
distinguished separation character.
But this is not the only possible solution.

>> Or even simpler, just an environment variable establishing the list of
>> domains to lookup. And the order of lookup.

> Not possible.

Yeah, dreams rarely come true. And often coming out weird, when they do.

Andrey Repin ( 15.04.2014, <02:56>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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