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Re: What updates done after October 3 may affect gfortran built binaries?

> > In order to replicate my build you need to install latest version of the
> > grib_api library
> > (
> > and istall it with jasper
>   What is "jasper"?  Wikipedia lists four entirely different open source
> projects by that name!
>   Also, how big is your build directory?  If of a manageable size, please
> zip/tar it up and send me a copy off-list; if it's huge, please just send me a
> copy of the broken executable (also off-list).
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

Sorry for my lack of info...

jasper is a JPEG 2000 library. It's shipped with cygwin so for
installing grib_api, you just have to specify

./configure prefix=<some-preferred-install-dir> --with-jasper

if you have chosen the jasper package in your cygwin setup. You will
probably experience a hang on

Checking for ANSI C header files...

during ./configure, like I referred to in an earlier thread.
Reinstalling gcc 4.3.4 will solve that for you.

Right now, I'm trying to rebuild my problem code with both earlier
versions of binutils and gcc, like when I could build a working binary.
If it fails, I will send you off-list copies and proper instructions for
a successful build that will give you (probably) a broken binary.

Thanx for your patience,

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