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Re: Pass windows-style paths to the interpreter from the shebang line ?

Andrey Repin wrote:

Greetings, Timothy Madden!

I would like to write a php script to run from my cygwin command line.
I have the php CLI executable (php.exe) in PATH and I use
        #!/bin/env php
as the first line of the .php script, and make it executable.

Dearly use Windows native version of PHP

And here's a simple command file to register your PHP as script interpreter
for both simple execution and windows scripting host jobs.

@echo off
if "!%~dpnx1" == "!" (echo Usage: %~dp0 path_to_php-cli.exe && exit)
if not exist "%~dpnx1" (echo Invalid path to PHP interpreter && exit)
ftype PHPScript="%~dpnx1" -f "%%1" -- %%*
assoc .php=PHPScript
regsvr32 "%~dp1\php5activescript.dll"

So when he types in a script name at the Cygwin command line
is there something in bash that reads Windows file-associations and auto opens them ??

Guess I haven't seen that 'extension'...

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