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Re: Mg3a - a version of Mg2a developed on Cygwin

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>Just a hint:
>When on Cygwin, you might better use Cygwin's(*) wcwidth function.  It's
>based on the same code from Markus Kuhn, but it interacts with the
>setlocale function to make sure that the width returned for the CJK
>ambiguous width characters makes sense in the given locale.  Plus, it
>supports a Cygwin-specific locale modifier '@cjknarrow' which allows the
>user to modify this behaviour.  When using your own wcwidth, you're
>giving up on this feature.
>Better yet, convert wide chars to wide strings and use the wcswidth
>function.  In contrast to wcwidth, it can also handle surrogate pairs.

I don't use surrogates. I only use UTF-8 and UTF-32. But using cygwin's
wcwidth may be worth thinking about. I suppose it will be consistent
with mintty that way; otherwise not?

Using wcswidth isn't very useful in the editor because it has special
requirements, like showing control characters with ^C. That's one of the
reasons I mostly wrote my own, all the special requirements. I always
iterate of bytes, which are converted in a mode-dependent way to ints
(UTF-32). Do you have a case-insensitive compare? Because I limited that

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