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Re: Mg3a - a version of Mg2a developed on Cygwin

Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> Why not ITP it as an official package?
>It will need a license.  Right now there's no license information anywhere
>in the tarball AFAICT.
>Is the code in Mg3a taken from Emacs?  If so, you need to include the GPL
>in your tarball.

No, it was taken from Mg2a, which was public domain. See the README in
the orig/ directory. The orig directory is referred to in the README in
the source directory.

"The original README and documents are in orig/. The
extensions as well as the original, with some exceptions mentioned in
the original README, are in the public domain. "

"Mg 2a README  May 15, 1988

Mg (mg) is a Public Domain EMACS style editor."

This is perhaps not perfect disclosure, but it is there. (I did miss
wcwidth.c, but it says:

" * Markus Kuhn -- 2007-05-26 (Unicode 5.0)
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software
 * for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted. The author
 * disclaims all warranties with regard to this software.

So I think I'm in the clear. Since the original was public domain I
haven't wanted to think about doing it differently with my code; it
makes my head hurt. I do know what public domain means, and should
someone go ahead and make insane amount of money on this I will be a)
insanely proud, b) take it as a learning experience and c) be sure to
extract a lot of money next time. 

I think public domain is interesting because anyone can do anything.

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