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Please test latest developer snapshot

Hi crowd,

After the last round of patches we're now heading towards the
1.7.8 release.  Therefore I'd like to ask you to give the latest
developer snapshot from a try.

We're looking for regressions from 1.7.7 in the first place, as well
as for bugs in new features, based on the list of changes at the end
of this mail.  The ideal bugreport contains either a simple testcase
in plain C, or at least a simple way to reproduce the issue.

And, btw., if you find that something suddenly starts working better
using the snapshot, I'd be happy to hear this.  Good news help to
keep up the spirit.

Apart from your testing and our fixing of obvious bugs, the other item
holding up the release of Cygwin 1.7.8 is the imminent release of
Service Pack 1 for Windows 7.  It seems unwise to release a new Cygwin
package just minutes before a Service Pack comes out.  Given the latest
experience that even monthly fixes can come with a nice, hidden gift, I
rather wait for a couple of days and test with SP1 first.

What's new:

- Bad news first:  Running Cygwin now requires at least NT4 SP4.
  Will anybody notice...?

- Reintroduce the ability to delete an empty directory which is the
  current working directory of the same or another Cygwin process.

- Cygwin now ships the C standard library fenv.h header file, and
  implements the related APIs (including GNU/glibc extensions):
  feclearexcept, fedisableexcept, feenableexcept, fegetenv, fegetexcept,
  fegetexceptflag, fegetprec, fegetround, feholdexcept, feraiseexcept,
  fesetenv, fesetexceptflag, fesetprec, fesetround, fetestexcept,
  feupdateenv, and predefines both default and no-mask FP environments.

- Support for C99 complex functions, except for the "long double"
  implementations.  New APIs: cacos, cacosf, cacosh, cacoshf, carg,
  cargf, casin, casinf, casinh, casinhf, catan, catanf, catanh, catanhf,
  ccos, ccosf, ccosh, ccoshf, cexp, cexpf, cimag, cimagf, clog, clogf,
  conj, conjf, cpow, cpowf, cproj, cprojf, creal, crealf, csin, csinf,
  csinh, csinhf, csqrt, csqrtf, ctan, ctanf, ctanh, ctanhf.

- The strerror_r interface now has two flavors; if _GNU_SOURCE is
  defined, it retains the previous behavior of returning char * (but the
  result is now guaranteed to be NUL-terminated); otherwise it now obeys
  POSIX semantics of returning int.

- /proc/sys now allows unfiltered access to the native NT namespace.
  Access restrictions still apply.  Direct device access via /proc/sys
  is not yet supported.  File system access via block devices works,
  though.  So, here's the new interface to your Volume Shadow Copies:

    $ cd /proc/sys/Device/HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1/

  Specifying the trailing slash is necessary to access the root
  directory, otherwise the access is treated as control access to the
  underlying block special device.

- Other new APIs: llround, llroundf, madvise, pthread_yield.  Export
  program_invocation_name, program_invocation_short_name.
  Support TIOCGPGRP, TIOCSPGRP ioctls.

- Define more recent setsockopt IP_TOS options as on Linux and OpenBSD.

- Raise the size of the default cygheap to 1 MB.  The cygheap is used by
  Cygwin for internal datastructures which require special handling on
  fork and/or exec calls.  Since internal datastructures have grown
  quite a bit since Cygwin 1.7, this step is supposed to avoid some
  unfortunate out-of-memory problems.

Important Bugfixes:

- Fix the width of "CJK Ambiguous Width" characters to 1 for singlebyte
  charsets and 2 for East Asian multibyte charsets. (For UTF-8, it
  remains dependent on the specified language, and the "@cjknarrow"
  locale modifier can still be used to force width 1.)

- Core file access functions have been slightly redesigned to gain
  performance.  Hopefully file access got just a bit faster now...

- On startup, Cygwin now removes enclosing quotes and trailing
  backslashes from Win32 environment path lists which have to be
  converted to POSIX.

- So far all exec functions tried to run a file as shell script under
  /bin/sh if the file type couldn't be recognized.  This has been
  changed per POSIX, so that only the execlp and execvp functions will
  do that.

- Fix a potential stack corruption when using file locking.

- Fix a potential hang in rename(2) due to a sharing violation.

- Fix some problems with tty process groups.

- Make sure that the random number generator is seeded on a per-thread basis.

- Reorganize signal initialization to work around slow process startup on
  some WOW64 systems.

- Try to make dynamic loading of system DLLs more foolproof.  Fix a
  potential stack corruption.

- Fix a synchronization problem in POSIX message queues.

- Fix a problem in localtime related to the TZ setting.

- Make raw disk write access work on Vista and later.

- A thread waiting for a blocking socket call can now be cancled
  using the pthread_cancel call.

- Fix bind(2) behaviour related to SO_REUSEADDR.

- Fix a bug when printing multibyte sequences broken up in multiple
  write calls.

- cygpath now returns more useful Win32 paths for OS-based devices.


Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Project Co-Leader          cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat

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