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Re: cygwin qt port- do I have to apply patches or something?

On 3/31/2010 9:54 PM, mike marchywka wrote:
On 3/31/10, Larry Hall (Cygwin)<reply-to-list-only-lh SYM cygwin SYM com> wrote:
<>.  No reason to feed the spammers.

On 3/31/2010 7:48 PM, mike marchywka wrote:
I went ahead and applied the patches and configure at least
seems to run. I just assumed the patch files were for reference,
shouldn't the source be patched when downloaded or is there
a reason for this ( or do I have a larger fundamental problem and
applying these patches just lets configure run longer)?

When patches are included you can assume:

1. The original pristine sources from upstream are included.

    2. Any patches provided need to be applied to the pristine
       source to get things building for Cygwin.

ok that's fine it seems to be building but I ran into the function pointer
problem that I mentioned in other build and none of the patches
apparently fixed it so I just changed it.

Of course, if there's a cygport script there, you shouldn't need to worry about any of this. Just run it. See:


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