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Re: "/bin/bash: permission denied" on WinXP 2003 x64 solved (privilege problem)

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> I do recall having something similarly wrong with the ssh-host-config
> when I was working at a client's site a while back. Something, IIRC, to
> do with domain policies overriding local policies such that when trying
> to ssh into the server I was receiving similar behavior (i.e. /bin/bash:
> permission denied). I queried a few times here but never worked out the
> problem and ended up using rsh instead. I no longer have access to the
> client's site however. Could it be something like this in your situation
> too?

As I've said, I'm no expert when it comes to Windows security,
especially in a situation involving domains, but perhaps I can lend some

It's possible that the domain and local policies are conflicting, but I
think it's not likely -- I'm logging into the system with local accounts
for both user-level and administrator-level access.  If I was trying to
do anything while logged in using my domain account, I'd guess that your
suggestion would be more probable.

It may also be possible that the corporate security folks at my
workplace have changed one or more security settings.  We don't have
that many x64 systems, so as far as I know they don't have a standard
preconfigured disk image.  It's entirely possible that something has
been tweaked that is causing the ssh-host-config script to fail silently.

I say "fail silently" because I don't recall ever having seen any error
messages while running the script.  Now that I have a better handle on
the situation, I'll follow Corinna's suggestions about wiping my sshd
installation and then try to capture what happens during the sshd install.


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