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Re: "/bin/bash: permission denied" on WinXP 2003 x64 solved (privilege problem)

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> I was seeing errors in the system event log, but unfortunately I'm not
>> very experienced with Windows security, so I wasn't understanding what I
>> was seeing.
> When you set up a server it makes a lot of sense trying to understand
> Windows security.  Besides of books, I would suggest to have a look
> into the MSDN library.  For instance, a description of the privileges
> is given here:

Thanks for the pointer.  I'm much more familiar with Linux/UNIX security
than I am with Windows security, so the more I can learn the better.

>> As it turns out, all my problems were caused by the fact that the
>> sshd_server user being created by the ssh-host-config script was not
>> being given all the required privileges.
> This is weird.  The ssh-host-config script usually makes sure that
> the sshd_server user got all required privileges.  See the script
> at line 517ff.

I'm not at work right now, and unfortunately I can't access the gmane
news server from  work, but I'll check out the script.  I agree it's
weird; perhaps it's due to either the 64-bitness of the OS, or the fact
that the OS is (as far as I know) based on the server version of Windows
XP ....

>> I'm not sure why, but I found
>> an online description of the rights required by sshd_server and used the
>> "editrights" utility to grant them.
> You really wouldn't have needed an online description.  The script
> contains all of them ;)

Yep, I should have looked at the script, but I was trying to find
possible fixes using Google searches and happened across a website that
listed them, so I used that.

If I get the chance, I'll delete the sshd_server user from that system
and re-run the ssh-host-config script to see what privileges it assigns
to sshd_server.

>> In case the information helps anyone else, here is a list of the
>> privileges that the sshd_server user appears to need:
>> SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege
>> SeTcbPrivilege
>> SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege
>> SeCreateTokenPrivilege
>> SeServiceLogonRight
>> SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight
>> SeDenyNetworkLogonRight
>> SeDenyRemoteInteractiveLogonRight
>> To determine which privileges sshd_server has on your system, use this
>> command:
>> editrights -u sshd_server -l
>> And here are the commands necessary to grant the above privileges to
>> sshd_server:
>> [...]
> As I said, see /bin/ssh-host-config, lines 517ff.  The Deny-"rights" are
> obviously not necessary.  They are just used to secure the account
> against malusage.

That makes sense.  Thanks again for taking the time to read and respond.


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