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Re: "/bin/bash: permission denied" on WinXP 2003 x64 solved (privilege problem)

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Aug 13 04:53, Brian Kasper wrote:
Corinna Vinschen wrote:
As it turns out, all my problems were caused by the fact that the
sshd_server user being created by the ssh-host-config script was not
being given all the required privileges.
This is weird. The ssh-host-config script usually makes sure that
the sshd_server user got all required privileges. See the script
at line 517ff.
I'm not at work right now, and unfortunately I can't access the gmane
news server from work, but I'll check out the script. I agree it's
weird; perhaps it's due to either the 64-bitness of the OS, or the fact
that the OS is (as far as I know) based on the server version of Windows
XP ....

I just re-read your OP. There's a misunderstanding here. Windows XP is NT kernel version 5.1. Windows 2003 Server (*not* XP 2003 Server) is NT kernel version 5.2. Windows 2003 Server is a newer OS than XP, and has a newer kernel, with different features and behaviour than the XP kernel.

Windows 2003 Server x64, as well as the client OS XP x64 are both based
on the 5.2 kernel. Thus, XP x64 is more similar to 2003 Server than to
it's 32 bit XP counterpart.

The user privilege handling of the 5.2 kernel differs in two points
from the handling in XP. None of these differences should account for
what you observed. Just FYI, I set up ssh servers on 2003 32 and 64
bit, as well as on XP 32 and 64 using ssh-host-config without any
problems. There muyst have been some satrange side-effect on your

If you're willing to experiment, I'd suggest to remove the sshd-service,
as well as the sshd and sshd_server user accounts entirely. Also remove
/etc/ssh* and /var/empty. Then start ssh-host-config again and see what
happens. Afterwards you can check with editrights again if everything's
correctly set up. If not, and if the script didn't bail out with

Assigning the appropriate privileges to user 'sshd_server' failed!
Can't create sshd service!

there's a bug in the script. Otherwise, if you got the above error
message, it might be interesting to learn why this happens. OTOH, if
the scipt runs fine this time, well, *shrug*.

If I get the chance, I'll delete the sshd_server user from that system
and re-run the ssh-host-config script to see what privileges it assigns
to sshd_server.

Oh, hmm, I wrote the above before reading further in your mail... :)
I do recall having something similarly wrong with the ssh-host-config when I was working at a client's site a while back. Something, IIRC, to do with domain policies overriding local policies such that when trying to ssh into the server I was receiving similar behavior (i.e. /bin/bash: permission denied). I queried a few times here but never worked out the problem and ended up using rsh instead. I no longer have access to the client's site however. Could it be something like this in your situation too?
Andrew DeFaria <>
A flying saucer results when a nudist spills his coffee.

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