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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Setup.exe updated to version 2.573.2.2

And, absolutely the last word tonight, here is a hitherto undiscovered way in which old setup misbehaves and new setup does not. It might help locate any current procedural flaw in new setup.

Unmount everything. Build a new directory c:\Cygwin\etc\setup and locate an up-to-date installed.db there (it need not be complete eg Base will do. If you already have c:\Cygwin temporarily rename it something else).

Now use old setup to try to build a new Cygwin system under c:\Test (overwriting the default offering c:\Cygwin). Old setup misbehaves as follows: somewhere in its early progress it sneaks a look at c:\Cygwin, finds installed.db, and deduces there is nothing to do.

New setup doesn't do this: it behaves properly, or appears to (at least in this role). Irrespective of the up-to-date installed.db lurking under c:\Cygwin, new setup respects the user's expressed wish to build under c:\Test, and goes ahead.


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