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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Setup.exe updated to version 2.573.2.2

> I asked was whether you could make a stock Cygwin system
> on *your* machine and reproduce the issue, just to figure
> out if this is an issue in setup because of the non-default
> Cygwin location, or there are other things different about
> your system.

I did this. I built a brand new Cygwin located conventionally at c:\Cygwin, and then un-mounted it. I used both old setup.exe (2.510.2.2) and new setup.exe (2.573.2.2), one after the other, and both pointing at c:\Cygwin. Both successfully remounted the system and also both noticed correctly that no update was required.

I then built a new system neither at \ nor c:\Cygwin, actually at c:\Test. I un-mounted it. I used old setup, then new setup, both pointing at c:\Test. Old setup noticed that no update was required. However, new setup again failed to see this, and attempted a complete download.

It seems to me that it is not the location at the root that confuses new setup, but any location that is not at \Cygwin.


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