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Slow directory listing


I experience a problem whereby 'ls' of a directory takes upwards of 20
seconds.  I've searched around the archives and found reports of issues
that could be similar (i.e. slow bash completion) but it didn't seem
like any action was taken.

Anyways, the directory is strictly on cygwin's root mount point.  It
contains 22 directories, (and those don't have particularly deep
subdirectories), but the directories contains lots (44K total) files.
The total disk space under this directory is 39G.
Typing 'ls' in this directory initially takes around 20 seconds.
Repeated calls to 'ls' do not exhibit any lag.  The problem reappears
though after some time (not sure exactly how long, order of a few
hours).  Native windows tools never seem to have any trouble producing
the listing of this directory.
Neither does coLinux when accessing it over smb mount.

My cygwin installation is up-to-date (last upgraded today in fact).  I
run XP SP2.  Please let me know if there is additional diagnostic
information that I can provide.

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