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Re: GCC programming: header pthread not found but installed

Serethos wrote:
I want to program with gcc and the Posix-Thread library under XP via Cygwin. But the very basic program

#include <pthread.h>
int main()
   return 0;

fails with a gcc call like:
gcc test.c -lpthread

with the
error: pthread.h: no such file or directory

But the header does exist in the \usr\include directory, also the library itself (libpthread.a) is located under
the directory \cygwin\lib. At least I checked my Windows environment variables, there both directories are
set. The thing I am irritated is that standard includes like math.h are in the same directory (\usr\include) and
I can work with them.
I think someone already tried to respond, before this post came to my e-mail server. This mailing list is about cygwin and the gcc which is installed with it, not about some other compiler which you might have installed. Windows environment variables have no bearing on cygwin gcc. If you install cygwin gcc normally, its own include directory should be mounted at /usr/include. Following the advice in the URLs at the bottom of your post would enable people to see whether you installed cygwin properly. I don't know whether installing some include directory in a similar looking Windows directory would interfere, but it's best to install compilers in the intended ways, particularly when that assures they don't interfere with each other.

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