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RE: setup.exe roadblocks

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From: Richard Foulk [mailto:XXXXXXX@XXXXXXXX.XXX] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 1:19 AM
Subject: setup.exe roadblocks


Setup has the annoying habit of pausing a download/install to deliver
information that isn't necessary until the run is complete.

This often makes the install take much longer.  Would be nice if you
could walk away and come back later to a completed install -- this has
become unlikely on subsequent runs that add more packages.


I've been using setup for years and I cannot remember having the
experience that you describe.  Perhaps you could give more detail.

Though one common suggestion with setup problems is to try another
mirror.  I've no idea whether that would work but it doesn't cost much.

Another possibility is to download and install in two separate steps.  I
don't remember the circumstance but I vaguely recall needing to do that
some years ago.

- Barry

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