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Re: MySQL build failure on latest cygwin (7/3/2006)

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 04, 2006 at 10:34:08AM -0400, Dave wrote:
>> Hello. I have built the MySQL client on cygwin in the past (sorry,
>> don't remember the release numbers but until yesterday my latest was
>> from a year ago). I use the linux tarball, and build just the client.
>> Yesterday, I tried this with both the current (5.0) and previous
>> (4.1) MySQL releases. The make step fails because the preprocessor
>> is complaining because neither the a 4 byte int or long. This makes
>> no sense as I'm running on a P4 Win XP machine. I tried just forcing
>> the preprocessor #define but that just caused other problems.
> Wouldn't it make a whole lot of sense to have included the actual
> error that you're seeing rather than "the preprocessor is complaining
> because neither the a 4 byte int or long"
> Do you REALLY expect someone to make sense out of that?
>> I did a fulll cygwin install yesterday (7/3/06) from the
>> mirror, and it worked without a problem.
>> I realize that this is a MySQL problem (and have posted it there),
>> but given that I was able to compile version 5 a few days ago, with
>> the same source, it seems as though it's clearly something happening
>> in the cygwin release.
> At this point, it isn't clear that there actually is a problem.
> Please provide more details.

I just tried compiling MySQL 5.0.22 (with 
configure-options --without-server, --without-extra-tools). All three steps 
(configure, make, make install) completed without errors. I tried compiling 
a test program and it was enable to connect to a running (Windows native 
version) MySQL server on the same machine and create a table and insert a 
tuple. My Cygwin is fully updated (1.5.20). So this is a false alarm, yes.
> cgf

/ E 

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