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RE: Pb with bash script under cygwin

On 19 June 2006 13:51, ydubost wrote:

> So thanks to you idea of executing bash -x, I looked at what's happening and
> the result is that the command executed is :
>       find . -name '"*._SN"' -o -name '"*._sn"' -o -name '"*._lg"' -o -name
> '"*.LG"' -exec rm '{}' '\;' -print
> For a unknown reason cygwin bash when it executes my script put some simple
> quotes ' around my double quotes " and put some single quotes around {} and
> around \;
> Do you have an idea why ?

  It will be something to do with the bash quoting / expansion rules.  I'm not
familiar with all the details of those rules, but "info bash" will have
explanations in it somewhere.  Try using different kinds of quoting.  Also,
some of these rules change according to whether you're executing the script
from a file, or sourcing it using the '.' command, or entering it by hand at a

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