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RE: Pb with bash script under cygwin

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, ydubost wrote:

> Thanks Dave for your answer.
> I tried
>       ${Macommande}
> and
>       $(${MaCommande})
> and directly
>       find . ${Extension} -exec rm {} \; -print
> but none of them worked, I then tried just a
>       find . -name *._cn" -print  that should have sent me back some results but did not!
You seem to be missing an opening quote here...

> So thanks to you idea of executing bash -x, I looked at what's happening and
> the result is that the command executed is :
>       find . -name '"*._SN"' -o -name '"*._sn"' -o -name '"*._lg"' -o -name
> '"*.LG"' -exec rm '{}' '\;' -print
> For a unknown reason cygwin bash when it executes my script put some
> simple quotes ' around my double quotes " and put some single quotes
> around {} and around \;

That's just bash's way of telling you what exact arguments it's giving to
the program -- it puts each of them in single quotes for display purposes
only.  This also shows you that your double quotes get passed in as part
of each argument -- not surprising, as you want bash to interpret the
quotes, not use them literally.

You have two choices at this point.  The double quotes and the '\' are
only needed to prevent the shell from expanding the '*'s and the ';'.
However, the shell will not try to expand a '*' or a ';' that itself
results from variable expansion.  So, you can omit the double quotes and
the backslash.  Alternatively, you can use 'eval "${MaCommande}"' to make
the shell see the quoting.

Another note I wanted to make is that '-exec' is evil, and you almost
never have a reason to use it for a final action of the find (pipe the
output to xargs instead -- "man xargs" for details).
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