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Re: bash and CSRSS consuming 100% of CPU

Brian Dessent wrote:
Science Guy wrote:
This problem has been noted before by someone else,

but I followed the threads and can find no resolution.

When I fire-up a cygwin bash window, everything is fine for a few minutes.
Then the CPU utilization on my system suddenly jumps to 100%. Bash is
typically grabbing about 80% of the CPU, with almost all the rest grabbed by

The problem is caused by sysinternals' process explorer injecting its
own threads into other processes. It was also fixed several months ago
in cygwin. Try a snapshot.
   I didn't see Science Guy mention procexp?  Um, hey, S.G.,
are you using Process Explorer?

   I remember the ProcExp bug, but it only happened when I tried to
show properties on a cygwin process.  I believe Mark released a
followup version within 2 weeks that fixed the bug.  It wasn't a
cygwin bug (at least not the one I'm thinking of).

   But... hey, SG, if you are using Procexp, have you tried
getting an recent version?

Brian -- not sure I understand: some other program injects code
into the cygwin process and it's a cygwin bug that should be fixed by
a new snapshot?

   Also, if it was fixed several months ago, would he need a snapshot:
are the snapshots that out of sync with the released version?


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