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Re: bash and CSRSS consuming 100% of CPU

Linda Walsh wrote:

>     I didn't see Science Guy mention procexp?  Um, hey, S.G.,
> are you using Process Explorer?

There are probably other programs that use the same technique and cause
the same effect, like windows update.

>     I remember the ProcExp bug, but it only happened when I tried to
> show properties on a cygwin process.  I believe Mark released a
> followup version within 2 weeks that fixed the bug.  It wasn't a
> cygwin bug (at least not the one I'm thinking of).

No, the problem was never fixed on ProcExp's end.  Believe me, I use
both Cygwin and ProcExp every day, and this was always broken until
Linbox sponsored cgf to look into it and create a fix, which only
happened last month.

(I think that was the one that actually fixed the problem, but it might
have been

>     Also, if it was fixed several months ago, would he need a snapshot:
> are the snapshots that out of sync with the released version?

The last release of Cygwin was 1.5.19-4 on 2006-01-20, so unless you
have a time machine, a fix made on 2006-05-17 will not be included. 
Besides, using the latest snapshot should always be the first thing you
try when encountering a problem before reporting it to the list.  Nobody
cares about hearing about bugs that have already been fixed.


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