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bash and CSRSS consuming 100% of CPU

This problem has been noted before by someone else,

but I followed the threads and can find no resolution.

When I fire-up a cygwin bash window, everything is fine for a few minutes.
Then the CPU utilization on my system suddenly jumps to 100%.  Bash is
typically grabbing about 80% of the CPU, with almost all the rest grabbed by
CSRSS.  This all happens even if I just let the bash window sit unused.  In
other words, it does not seem related to anything I do in the bash window.
The problem arises even if I fire-up cygwin and do nothing in the bash

The cygcheck.out file is attached.

This all makes cygwin unusable for me, which is unfortunate.  Cygwin did
work fine for several years on this PC.  This problem started happening only
recently, and of course I reinstalled cygwin from the web site but that has
not helped.  My PC does receive the latest updates and patches from
Microsoft, and perhaps that is related to the sudden appearance of this

Any suggestions on how to get cygwin running properly for me again would be
most appreciated.

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