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Re: Cygwin installing too much stuff

Lionel B wrote:

> To give an example, I have installed the exp gcc 3.4.1 and mingw-gcc 20040822 packages. Now I see I have libtool-devel
> 1.9f_20041024 installed, whreas setup wants to change that to 1.5.10. I suspect, but am not sure, that this is a
> dependancy of my "exp" gcc and should therefore keep the current version. Is there a safe way to find out?

Setup wants to install 1.5.10 because 1.9f is "Exp".  The dependency
logic doesn't take into account version numbers at all, it's strictly
"package foo requires package bar", with no version information in the

If you want to keep one or more packages at "Exp" versions this is the
method I use:

First thing you do after running setup each time, switch to partial. 
You will see a combination of Exp packages that setup wants to downgrade
to Curr, mixed with any normal packages that you're not using Exp
versions of that need upgrading.  For all the packages that you are
using Exp versions, just toggle them back to Keep, and then continue
with setup as normal.  It's not very elegent, but most of the time
there's not more than a small number of Exp packages so it's pretty easy
just to switch them all back to Keep first thing.  After a couple of
times it becomes habit because it's the same packages each time.

Plan B is to use Exp versions of *everything*, in which case you just
use the Exp radio button each time.  But I wouldn't necessarily
recommend that.

(And yes, setup could be a lot more intuitive about all this... *sigh*)


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