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Re: Cygwin installing too much stuff

"Gary R. Van Sickle" wrote:
>  Setup by default tries to bring any
> already-installed package up/back to the "curr" version.  Not only does it
> update old stuff, but if you have any "exp" releases installed, it'll
> actually try to "downgrade" them back to "curr".  Yeah, that's not too cool.
> If you want to avoid that (and since I often use "exp" stuff, I often do),
> use this procedure, and never be surprised again:

I've been caught by that one...

> - Select the new package(s) you want to install in the package chooser.  I
> usually use the "Full" view.
> - Once you're done, switch to the "Partial" view.  This will show you what
> is going to be downloaded and installed.  Deselect anything you don't want
> up/downgraded (i.e. swith the entry in the "New" column to "Keep") or
> installed (i.e. switch it to "Skip").
> - "Next" away and let setup do its work.
> Make sure you don't screw things up though; if you accidentally turn off a
> package's prerequistes, you're likely to have a mysteriously broken
> installation.

...and here's the problem: if I've installed a "exp" package(s), I'm not always sure what dependencies it installs
(maybe that's just sloppiness/inattention on my part). Then when I want to update something else and prevent setup from
"downgrading" my "exp" package(s) to "current", I'm never quite confident that I'm not going to break something by
keeping/not keeping some dependent package.

To give an example, I have installed the exp gcc 3.4.1 and mingw-gcc 20040822 packages. Now I see I have libtool-devel
1.9f_20041024 installed, whreas setup wants to change that to 1.5.10. I suspect, but am not sure, that this is a
dependancy of my "exp" gcc and should therefore keep the current version. Is there a safe way to find out?

Lionel B

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