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Re: Cygwin installing too much stuff

"Brian Dessent" wrote:
> Lionel B wrote:
> /.../
> If you want to keep one or more packages at "Exp" versions this is the
> method I use:
> First thing you do after running setup each time, switch to partial. 
> You will see a combination of Exp packages that setup wants to downgrade
> to Curr, mixed with any normal packages that you're not using Exp
> versions of that need upgrading.  For all the packages that you are
> using Exp versions, just toggle them back to Keep, and then continue
> with setup as normal.  It's not very elegent, but most of the time
> there's not more than a small number of Exp packages so it's pretty easy
> just to switch them all back to Keep first thing.  After a couple of
> times it becomes habit because it's the same packages each time.

Yes, that's pretty much what I do now... so I guess I'm not missing anything obvious.

> Plan B is to use Exp versions of *everything*, in which case you just
> use the Exp radio button each time.  But I wouldn't necessarily
> recommend that.

Too scary.

> (And yes, setup could be a lot more intuitive about all this... *sigh*)

Not even a mother could love it ;-)


Lionel B

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